December 6-9 2021

University of Southern Denmark (SDU) - Campus Sonderborg

Alsion 2

1st International Conference on TONE AND INTONATION (TAI) 2021

"Tone and Intonation in a globalized, digital world"

TAI 2021 welcomes contributions on all phonological, phonetic, and typological aspects of tone and intonation in any language. In addition, in TAI 2021 two separate special sessions will be dedicated to the challenges and opportunities that globalization and digitalization hold for the speech sciences.

Globalization poses increasing challenges to both, societies and individuals i terms of language contact and language acquisition.
Digitalization opens up new ways of human-human and human-machine interaction. In both contexts, tone and intonation are special linguistic, technical and didactic hurdles. Their better understanding not only has the potential for deeper insights into the nature of speech communication, but can also decisively shape the communication of tomorrow.

Best regards from Southern Denmark
Oliver Niebuhr





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Keynote Speakers

Mariapaola D'Imperio, Rutgers Universuty, USA
Perceiving intonation in a multifaceted society: the role of cognitive and indexical factors

Peggy Mok, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
 The Acquisition of lexical tone in various contexts
Stefan Baumann, University of Cologne, Germany
Prosodic prominence and linguistic functions

Hans Basbøll, SDU, Denmark
Danish stød in its phonetic. phonological, morphological and lexical aspects, and its relation
to Scandinavian tonal word accents

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