1st International Conference on Tone and Intonation (TAI)

"Tone and Intonation in a globalized, digital world"

Sonderborg, Denmark, 06 - 09 December 2021

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01 May      Abstract submission opens
04 July       Abstract submission deadline (NEW)
05 Sept      Notification of abstract acceptance
03 Oct        Early bird registration deadline
06-09 Dec  1st Tone-and-Intonation Conference, Sonderborg, Denmark
 27 Feb 22 Deadline for the submission of a corrected abstract and an optional 5-page full paper
                   (4 pages of text plus 1 page for references only)



• Phonology and phonetics of tones and intonation 
• Typology of tone and intonation (language) patterns 
• Production and perception of tonal phenomena 
• Acquisition, learning and teaching of tone and intonation patterns 
• Non-native aspects in the production and perception of tonal phenomena 
• Evolution, Origin, and change of tone and intonation patterns 
• Intersections and interrelations of tone, accent, and intonation 
• Socio-phonetic aspects of tone and intonation 
• Tonal variation in continuous speech 
• Modeling of tonal aspects of languages 
• Speech processing of and for tone and intonation 
• Tone and intonation of talking machines and robots 
• Tonal processing in speech recognition, synthesis, and assessment 
• Psychological and neural mechanisms of tonal phenomena 
• Pathology and therapy for tonal aspects of languages 
• Speech corpora and annotation of tone and intonation 
• Cross-linguistic and cross-cultural aspects of tone and intonation 
• Tonal information in forensic phonetics




Submitting papers to the TAI conference is a two-step process.
The first (and mandatory!) step is to submit a 2-page abstract. The submission deadline is July 4th, 2021. Note that the actual abstract (title, authors, affiliation, research summary) must completely fit on the first page. The second page can be used for figures, tables and references. You can download the abstract template here: pdf --- doc.
The second step is to submit a full 5-page paper, based on the established ISCA paper template that is also used for submissions to Interspeech, Speech Prosody, etc. The same formatting guidelines apply as for these conferences. Note that this second step is not mandatory but optional. The submission deadline for these optional full papers is February 27th, 2022.
The reason for this two step process twofold. First, we want to reduce the workload for reviewers and add some flexibility to the schedule in times of the Corona pandemic. Second, and most importantly, we want to give authors the opportunity to include the conference feedback into their final full papers prior to the publication of the TAI proceedings.
We will publish corrected abstracts and optional 5-page papers in the ISCA online archive of the TAI conference series.

Papers submission is handled via the EasyChair platform. Please click here to get to the Paper submission website of TAI 2021 at EasyChair. 



TAI 2021 is co-sponsored by 

                 ISCA                                                                       IPA                                                     AllGoodSpeakers 
International Speech                                     International Phonetic Association
Communication Association    



We are pleased to offer 5 IPA Student Awards that will cover the early bird student registration fee.

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