October 17 2022

Virtual Event


Virtual Event: The Messenger

At the start of 2020, Moderna was a waning biotech unicorn, still years away from delivering its first product despite a decade of development of its potentially breakthrough mRNA innovation. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit, Moderna redirected its technology, and by year’s end it delivered one of the world’s first and most effective Covid-19 vaccines. Biotech, and the venture capital community that fuels it, would never be the same.

In his new book "The Messenger", Wall Street Journal's Peter Loftus applies 30 years of reporting - including 17 years on pharma and biotech - and deep access to all of the major players, to tell the behind-the-scenes tale of Moderna from its humble start at a casual lunch, through its heady startup days, into the heart of the pandemic and beyond.

On October 17th, Peter and his HBR editor Scott Berinato will join us to discuss the story of Moderna: one of the great gambles in business history.

14:00 - 15:00

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