June 2 2020

Virtual Event


Virtual Event: Post-Pandemic Playbook

Strategy is all about leadership in the future. 
Imagine the year is 2022. The World has secured a COVID-19 vaccine along with low cost, scalable virus testing and virus tracing/audit capabilities - a post pandemic world. What started with lockdowns and sudden economic stops in 2020, created plummeting demand shocks, followed by supply shocks, and rearchitecting of business models to adapt to the pandemic's rising costs. It accelerated not only trends such as organizations' digital transformation, but also risks such as regulatory, geopolitical and de-globalization. 
How will your organization bridge this journey and earn its leadership through to the end of the next decade? 
The Three Box Solution is a strategic framework to navigate future uncertain times by managing the present, while creating the future. No doubt the world will change rapidly in the future. To thrive in the future, companies need to prepare now. They must move from "current-forward"to "future back" thinking.
In this talk, we'll discuss the process for driving new business models in established companies in response to technological disruptions, customer discontinuities, non-traditional competitors and regulatory changes, to create new growth engines in a post pandemic world.

16:00 - 16:30
Keynote presentation
16:30 - 16:45
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