February 16 2021

Virtual Event


Virtual Event: HBR's Must Reads 2021, Toward a Racially Just Workplace

Diversity and inclusion efforts have been gaining traction, but the research shows that Black workers still feel less supported, engaged, and committed to their jobs than their nonblack peers. Black managers report receiving less psychosocial support, and Black leaders are more likely than their white counterparts to leave their organizations.

It is clear that the norms and cultural defaults of leadership in most organizations create an inhospitable environment that leaves even those Black employees who have advanced feeling like outsiders — and in some cases pushes them out the door.

Laura Morgan Roberts's recent HBR article has been so influential that it was selected for inclusion in the annual anthology HBR's 10 Must Reads 2021.
In her article, Laura outlines the four ways she would like to see companies jump-start their efforts: Firstly, move away from the business case and toward a moral one. Second, encourage open conversations about race. Third, revamp Diversity & Inclusion programs. And finally, manage career development across all life stages.

Laura will join us to share ideas that will to help you steer your company toward an understanding of the reality of the Black experience, and embrace and champion policies and programs that actually help to level the playing field.

17:00 - 18:00
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