October 6 2022

Virtual Event


Virtual Event: Both/And Thinking

Life is full of paradoxes. How can we each express our individuality while also being a team player? How do we balance work and life? How can we improve diversity while promoting opportunities for all? How can we manage the core business while innovating for the future?

For many of us, these competing and interwoven demands are a source of conflict. Since our brains love to make either-or choices, we choose one option over the other. We deal with the uncertainty by asserting certainty.

There's a better way.

In their new book, "Both/And Thinking" experts on paradox, Wendy Smith and Marianne Lewis draw from more than twenty years of pioneering research, to provide tools and lessons for transforming these tensions into opportunities for innovation and personal growth. Their book is described by Tom Peters as "pure and simple, a masterpiece... Don't skim—dig in, take deep breaths, and reflect."

On October 6, Wendy will join us to discuss “Both/And Thinking”, helping us to see the paradoxes that underlie our challenges, and identifying pragmatic solutions and provocative examples to apply this new approach to overcome our most vexing problems.

14:00 - 15:00

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