• Xavier Bontemps

    Board Chairman Consultant through ‘Safer Ways’, Pisto

    The French Chemical Engineer, Mr Xavier Bontemps started his career at BP where he carried several senior management positions throughout Europe including France, the United Kingdom and Belgium. During his time at BP, he commissioned new technology polymer plants in both the United States, Japan, and Indonesia. Among other great achievements he also integrated Lavéra’s refining & petrochemicals hydrocarbons and led the startup of new polymer catalyst business activities in BP.

    Leaving BP in 2006, Mr Bontemps was hired as France SAS CEO at INEOS. As CEO he accomplished to implement crucial cost cutting & restructuring methodologies and deployed a High Reliability Organization methodology across several units of the firm.

    Taking departure from his results and positions in BP and INEOS, Mr Bontemps was positioned as Refining & Marketing HSE Director worldwide at TotalEnergies in 2007. During his 15 years in Total, Mr Bontemps held several positions such as North Europe Refining Businesses Manager with the responsibility of 5 refineries internationally. . Mr Bontemps was especially acknowledged for his grounded knowledge about integrating HSE measures, which was demonstrated in his crucial role of designing and deploying Group Safety Golden Rules across several units and operations. Another great achievement during his time in Total was the integration of ALL HSE branch functions including renewables in ONE central organization.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 11:20 - 12:00 How Macondo, Texas City and Buncefield have enlightened Organizational Blindness
      Organizational blindness and complacency leading to accidents are certainly not unique to the Oil & Gas industry.O&G tragedies have helped mature process and personal safety to new heights in the last decades.
      But today, it becomes the energy industry's responsibility to ensure that past common lessons drawn are not forgotten and equally benefit the fast growing renewable energies' businesses.


      Because, the specific safety challenges of renewables have readily available solutions based on O&G practices - it in the proper safety and environmental designs of new projets, in the recipes of safety performance or in the HSE organizational construct best adapted to renewable energies.
      I offer to illustrate the above having led in a major O&G company resolutely transitioning since years to renewables' safer ways.
      12:00 - 12:30 Safety talk: Sustaining the safety mindset (Part I)
      Disasters are nearly always something we couldn’t imagine. Hence, it is often difficult for leaders to relate to previous disasters, especially, if they happened in different industries. Nevertheless, the deeper learnings are often generic independent of industry. But how do we make them accessible to other industries/trades e.g., how does a leader in renewables learn from Chernobyl? What is the process? Do we have any good examples? What are the enablers? What are the challenges?
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