Optional tours


Optional tours are available with discount code PCSI by Grayline. 

Golden Circle Tour: The Icelandic Golden Circle is classic for a good reason. Popular among Iceland tours, the best Golden Circle tour combines history, culture, and extraordinary nature to make your day unforgettable. For more information, click HERE

South coast of Iceland: From pitch-black volcanic sand beaches to snow-capped peaks of Iceland‘s biggest volcanoes, South Iceland is a visually spectacular and geologically intriguing part of the country that features many of Iceland‘s most awe-inspiring destinations. For more information, click HERE

Whale Watching tour: During Whale watching tour from Reykjavik you get the chance to see whales in their natural environment and diverse birdlife in breathtaking scenery, which is an unforgettable experience. For more information, click HERE
For more tour options click HERE 

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