June 1 2023


Værkmestergade 7, 8000 Aarhus C

Getting Along in Aarhus

How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People) 

When dealing with difficult people, our creativity, productivity, and engagement suffer. We lie awake at night worrying, withdraw from work, or react in ways we later regret— rolling our eyes in a meeting, snapping at colleagues, or staying silent when we should speak up.

Too often, we grin and bear it, as if we have no choice. Or throw up our hands because one-size-fits-all solutions haven’t worked. But you can only endure so much. In Getting Along, workplace expert and Harvard Business Review podcast host Amy Gallo provides wise and friendly counsel to overcome workplace friction. She identifies eight familiar types of difficult coworkers—the insecure boss, the passive-aggressive peer, the biased coworker, and more—and provides strategies tailored to help you deal constructively with each one. Full of relatable examples, the latest behavioral science research, and practical advice you can use right now, Getting Along is an indispensable guide to navigating your toughest relationships at work.


16:00 - 18:30

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