• Femern Agency

    Lolland Municipality has in 2020 been commissioned by the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment (STAR) to create a secretariat located in Rødbyhavn, which will work to ensure that as many Danish workers as possible are employed on the Fehmarnbelt Project.
    The Femern Agency is therefore a front-line unit for the companies that currently have contracts on the Femern project and is also a recruitment unit that selects candidates from among the vacancies both locally, regionally and nationally.
    We pay high attention to apprentices - both the young and adult ones - who can benefit from the large project and interesting job opportunities in an international environment.
    We are physically located at Strandholmsvej 18 in Rødbyhavn, close to the site, the Village and partners.

    The Femern Agency has the following core tasks:
    - Recruitment services, upskilling, job placement and development of a cooperation model for apprentices
    - On-site recruitment service for companies, where consultants from Lolland and Guldborgsund Job Centers identify candidates
    - Together with job centers, coordinate course purchases and sector packages
    - Massive communication efforts to job centers throughout Denmark, including webinars on the opportunities offered by the Fehmarnbelt project, where the aim is to get as much Danish labour as possible involved in the assignments.
    Partners in the Femern Agency are Lolland Municipality, Guldborgsund Municipality and AMK-Øst (STAR in Eastern Denmark).

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