The highest possible safety for your personnel
    Two-way radio communication systems are essential for keeping the personnel on construction sites safe when

    • driving trucks and equipment
    • climbing ladders and scaffolding,
    • transporting heavy or dangerous materials
    • and more.
    Coordination of teams
    Two-way radio communication systems support coordination of teams throughout the workday.
    Two-way radio communication systems enable
    • Broadcast of all incoming messages
    • Easy communication in confined areas - even in dead-spots
    • Connection of maritime services with constructors or safety staff.
    In addition, in case of emergency situations, two-way radios alerts everyone instantly and simultaneously.
    IHM solutions – customized for your sites
    IHM offers tailored and optimized two-way radio solutions with crystal clear audio quality for PMR and other wireless communication technologies. The systems are individually planned, designed, and implemented for each individual location.
    Please contact Henrik Jacobsen, hj@ihm.dk for further information or discussion of the best cost-efficient solution for your site.

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