• HansaBelt

    HanseBelt Initiative (HanseBelt e.V.)

    The Hansebelt region is set in the centre of the European axis between Hamburg and Copenhagen, with direct access to the Baltic Sea region and with outstanding qualifications in the areas of research and education, corporate culture and quality of life. The companies of the HanseBelt Initiative consider themselves to be pioneers: Together, they are developing new ideas, setting trends and leading the way into future as a new economic region awakens.

    The HanseBelt Initiative counts more than 130 members, which work together to actively shape the future of the Hansebelt. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Lübeck, Schwerin and Hamburg are leading members of the initiative. The members of the HanseBelt want to set new standards: With a modern corporate culture, combining the Hanseatic and Scandinavian mentalities and providing the employees with the best balance of a fulfilling career and a happy life. The opportunities for this are better than ever: The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel and the accelerated transport routes allow two of the most attractive metropolises of Europe – Hamburg and Copenhagen – to move closer together and this will make the Hansebelt even more attractive to new talents, innovators, and investors.


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