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    Modern and reliable fire safety solutions for road and metro tunnels
    Danfoss Fire Safety is a multinational company headquartered in Denmark, that engineers, and supplies fire safety systems based on high-pressure water mist, under the brand name SEM-SAFE®. With numerous installations worldwide for commercial and industrial applications, we offer you unparalleled competitive edge through uncompromising performance and cost-effective systems.

    We provide a complete fixed fire protection system for tunnels, whether it is road, rail, metro, or sub-sea infrastructures.  Our full-scale fire tests with fire loads up to 250 MW are in accordance with SOLIT2 and NFPA502, certified by accredited independent 3rd party laboratory and witnessed & verified by UL.
    The unique engineered system and components, including superior nozzle performance, meet and supersede the expected passing criteria as highlighted in SOLIT2 and NFPA502. SEM-SAFE® is the system of choice to provide protection for structure and life safety and prevent/minimize tunnel operation interruption.

    Key benefits for fire protection in tunnels with SEM-SAFE®

    • Successful various tests up to 250 MW
    • Tested and certified for both class A and B fires
    • Effective cooling, suppression and extinguishing (Class B fires)
    • Business continuity
    • Reduced total cost of ownership
    • Established design template, 3D models and transferable cost calculation towards a lean project
    • Less water consumption
    • Easy system integration in retrofit projects
    • Maintenance required kept to minimum
    SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system in short
    SEM-SAFE® is a high-pressure water mist firefighting system that uses micro-droplets released through nozzles into protected areas. It comprises a modular pump unit, section valves, water mist nozzles, press fittings and stainless-steel pipe.

    The system is safe, efficient and uses an environmentally friendly technology: water. With small pipe dimensions, large coverage, minimal water consumption, a compact pump unit and simple design, SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist is the optimum solution to protect against a fire. The SEM-SAFE® system is tested and approved in accordance with FM Approvals, VdS, CEN, IMO, etc

    Easy to do business with – ONE supplier to meet customer needs
    We are part of the Danfoss Group, a family-owned business with  more than 40,000 employees globally and business operations in over 100 countries. Besides fire safety, Danfoss offers products and services for cooling, drives, heating, air conditioning, power modules and much more.

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    Business Development Manager, Water Mist for Fire Protection
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