• Bundesverband Porenbetonindustrie e.V.

    The German Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association in Berlin promotes the technical, scientific and competition interests of its members - 12 autoclaved aerated concrete producers and distributors with 14 plants in Germany. It is the contact for politics and science as well as a member for various umbrella organizations such as the German Association for Masonry and Housing (DGfM) and other organizations. At the European level the association is active in the European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association (EAACA), which includes producers from 17 EU Member States and from an associated non-EU State.

    The association contributes with its own research work and a lot of commitment in standardization, technical and expert committees the technical development of masonry constructions as well as the promotion of sustainable construction and housing policies. Another aim is to provide all interested parties with comprehensive information and practical assistance in questions of modern masonry construction with autoclaved aerated concrete units. Also it supports the education at universities and vocational schools.