May 2022 - University of Southern Denmark, Campus Sønderborg, Alsion

The Conference will be organized as a hybrid event.

"Articulation and Prosody: Between Interface and Integration"

0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 26, 114, 206, 446, 1008 .... Although these numbers look a bit like the variable number of FFT points in digital speech signal processing, they are actually something completely different: They represent the number of scientific publications per decade over the last 100 years in which articulation and prosody were jointly addressed (Google Scholar, 8th Jan 2021). Of course, the search results depend heavily on the indexing and digitization of publications as well as on the search terms and regular expressions used. Therefore, the above numbers do not claim to be complete; and they don't have to, because even without that they already reflect an obvious fact: The links between articulation and prosody are a subject of growing interest; perhaps even of almost exponentially growing interest, if one takes the above numbers at face value. This interest is driven, among other things, by increasingly powerful measurement, analysis and recording techniques, by the discovery of syntagmatic and paradigmatic structures in prosody and the simultaneous undermining of strictly linear-segmental models in articulation, as well as the by rapid rise of speech technology and the associated increasing relevance of the emotions, speaking styles, attitudes, social hierarchies, social-role marking, etc. 

But, how far have we really come in understanding the links between articulation and prosody? What can we as speech scientists learn from the findings, concepts and experiences of other specialist areas, especially the applied sciences and from real practitioners?
The 2nd International Seminar on the Foundations of Speech (SEFOS II) will be a forum to discuss these questions and to present and publish current research related to these questions. SEFOS II takes place under the motto "Articulation and Prosody: Between Interface and Integration" (note that an interface is in some sense the opposite of an integration as it requires to connect two otherwise incompatible systems or signals). Reflecting the development of the articulation-prosody research and continuing the successful concept of the first SEFOS, SEFOS II shall again be a strongly interdisciplinary event. We therefore cordially invite not only all members of the speech-science community to take part in SEFOS II, but also interested members from related fields such as general linguistics, medicine, audiology, psychology, rhetoric, pedagogy, language/speech technology and engineering sciences.

Sonderborg, Denmark, welcomes you in May 2022!

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Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE) at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) on science campus Alsion, Sonderborg, Denmark. The SDU is both the third-largest and the third-oldest Danish university. Since the introduction of the ranking systems in 2012, the University of Southern Denmark has consistently been ranked as one of the top 50 young universities in the world by both the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the QS World University Rankings. The SDU is also among the top 20 universities in Scandinavia.                            
Please note that the conference will take place as a hybrid event.
That is, in addition to real life participation and presentation, we will organize (for a reduced registration fee) a virtual participation and presentation option for those participants who cannot or would for other reasons prefer not to travel in these days. The virtual branch of the conference will be based on Gather Town and will include both oral and poster presentartions. All further information will be announced as soon as we know, how many online/offline registrations we receive.

Prof. Dr. Cécile Fourgeron
Directrice de Recherche
Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie
CNRS-Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris, France

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Birkholz
Chair of Speech Technology and Cognitive Systems
Institute of Acoustics and Speech Communication
Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany


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Effective and Attractive Communication Signals                                                            Abstract:      01 October 2021    
in Social, Cultural, and Business Contexts                                                                        Manuscript:  01 March 2022

You can find the SEFOS 2019 Proceedings and impressions of the conference here.



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