• Jens Edlúnd

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dept. of Speech, Music and Hearing

    Jens Edlúnd is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has studied most aspects of speech technology and spoken interaction, but attempts to maintain a focus on the analysis of human behaviours in face-to-face interactions. Edlund’s work is interdisciplinary, i.e. he received his Master’s in linguistics and phonetics, followed by a PhD in speech communication and a Docent in speech technology. He has paid special attention to the collections of multimodal speech corpora, capturing, for example, voice, video, motion, and bio-signals such as breath. He is currently involved in research projects investigating gaze, breath and gesture signals in spoken interaction and their coordination with the speech signal. Edlund divides his work between the analysis of human behaviours in interpersonal (human) interactions, and the investigation of the effects of implementing such behaviours in machines.

    • KEYNOTE: Breathing in interaction between humans and between humans, machines and robots
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    • Pausing, Chair: Jens Edlund
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