Call for Papers

We invite contributions on all the various aspects of breathing, pausing, and the voice. Reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of these fields of research, we are particularly pleased about submissions from the entire speech sciences and beyond, i.e., for example, medicine, rhetoric, technology, music, and zoology.
Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
  • acoustic and physiological analyses of speech breathing
  • breathing, pausing, and phonation patterns under different mental, emotional, physical conditions
  • pathological/clinical aspects of breathing, pausing, and the voice, including pain.
  • personality traits (including attractiveness), speaking styles, and their links to breathing, pausing, and the voice
  • breathing, pausing, and/or voice patterns in human-machine-interaction and speech technology in general
  • interrelations between breathing, pausing, and the voice
  • interrelations with other features of prosody, such as F0 and intensity
  • silent, fluent, and disfluent pauses, hesitation phenomena
  • breathing, pausing and interaction, turn-taking, discourse control
  • forms and functions of voice quality in communication
  • singing and its relation to phonation and breathing
  • new technological or methodological development on the analysis of breathing, pausing, and the voice
  • recourses and corpora
Please read details about submissions and deadlines here.