Syddansk Universitet, S√łnderborg

1st International Conference on TONE AND INTONATION - TAI

Dear colleagues and contributors to TAI 2020!
Unfortunately, I have to inform you today that we will have to cancel the TAI conference in Sonderborg, DK for this year (as well as its satellite event, 13th Nordic Prosody). This announcement makes me and the whole organization team very sad, especially because the planning process was already very advanced, including safety preparations such as masks for conference participants, and the first contributions have already been submitted.
However, the Danish government has decided that no major events may take place in Denmark until at least August 31, 2020, and as a public institution, we must abide by this rule. Additionally, although more and more countries seem to be managing the crisis well, making reliable travel bookings for August will most likely still remain a problem for many months. Moreover, we know from the United States and other countries that many of our colleagues won't be allowed to travel to international conferences before the end of August. Of course, we don't want to exclude anyone from the conference and/or expose anyone to unnecessary health risks.
A multilateral, personal exchange of ideas and feedback is essential for a conference and for fostering research in general. It is for this reason that we prefer not to carry out the TAI conference online. Instead, we -- as well as many colleagues with whom we have discussed informally -- would prefer to postpone TAI to next year. 
The new preliminary date for TAI is 15-18 June (Wed-Fri), 2021, i.e. right before PaPE 2021 in Barcelona, Spain. The host of TAI remains the University of Southern Denmark, in Sonderborg, DK. We will work hard to confirm the new date for TAI as soon as possible. Please check our website for updates for TAI 2021.
Regarding the submission procedure, we have closed the Easychair submission page for now. When the new date for the TAI has been fixed, we will open the submission page again in good time before the conference dates. We expect the new submission deadline to be at the beginning of 2021. In this way, everyone will still have enough time to carry out his/her studies  planned for TAI (even if they are currently interrupted due to Corona) without time pressure. Of course, all authors who have already submitted abstracts for TAI are welcome to submit their contributions elsewhere.
We will keep you up to date and hope for your understanding and your active participation in the TAI in 2021.We, the organizing team and I wish you all a productive and successful post-Easter period. Stay healthy and positive! 
Warm and sunny regards from Southern Denmark,

Oliver Niebuhr
Jan Michalsky
Meg Zellers
Jana Neitsch
Stephanie Berger
Jonas Sikorskis