TAI 2021 Venue

will be held at the Centre of Industrial Electronics (CIE) at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) on science campus Alsion, Sonderborg, Denmark. The SDU is both the third-largest and the third-oldest Danish university. Since the introduction of the ranking systems in 2012, the University of Southern Denmark has consistently been ranked as one of the top 50 young universities in the world by both the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the QS World University Rankings. The SDU is also among the top 20 universities in Scandinavia.

Alsion · Alsion 2 · 6400 Sønderborg · Denmark


Admission to SDU requires a valid corona passport 

New COVID-19 restrictions mean that students, employees and visitors to SDU must be able to present a valid corona passport at SDU’s locations from Monday 29 November. Random inspections will be carried out.
From Monday 29 November, you must either be vaccinated or be able to present a valid negative test for COVID-19 if you show up at SDU.
The Epidemic Committee of the Danish Parliament has adopted new restrictions, which means that employees, students and visitors at higher education institutions are required to have a valid corona passport.
The new restrictions also mean that the validity of a negative COVID-19 test will be shortened. A negative PCR test is now only valid for 72 hours, while an antigen test (rapid test) is valid for 48 hours.
Random inspections at the University
Starting Monday 29 November, SDU will, as a result of the new rules, carry out random inspections to ensure students, staff and visitors have a valid corona passport. The random inspections are carried out by corona guards with clear markings on their clothes.
SDU is awaiting more detailed rules from the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science. Following this, SDU will spend the next few days preparing specific guidelines for handling the new restrictions at SDU. The new guidelines will be posted at  https://mitsdu.dk/en/corona and https://sdunet.dk/en/corona at the beginning of next week.
Hopefully, the requirement for a valid corona passport in case of in-person attendance at SDU can also help create peace of mind among students, staff and visitors, knowing that everyone else has also been vaccinated or tested recently. 

The situation is being closely monitored
SDU’s management appeals to students and staff to continue to follow the authorities’ recommendations and show consideration by following the University’s principles of caution, inclusiveness and trust.
Any students who become infected with COVID-19 are encouraged to register this via the Corona button in SPOC
Any employees who become infected with COVID-19 are encouraged to follow the normal procedure for notification of illness.  
Information about cases of infection at SDU can prove helpful if other students or staff at SDU need to be informed in the event the infected person does not have contact information for any close contacts.
Through the Corona button in SPOC, students can also submit questions that may not have been answered in the FAQ.
In the event of any further measures, the information is announced via SDU’s own channels.
Read more about the coronavirus and the health authorities’ current recommendations at https://coronasmitte.dk/.
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