November 20 2018

FORCE Technology

Park Allé 345, 2605 Brøndby

Workshop on processing of steel

The Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA) has facilitated a standardization project supported by The Danish Industry Foundation where wind energy companies have found areas they can agree to standardize – to reduce cost.

Companies working with processing of steel for wind turbine towers and monopiles has identified surface treatment of towers and processing of welds on towers and monopiles as collaboration subjects. The results will be presented at this workshop where the aim is to spread the attained knowledge out to relevant sectors. Furthermore, we seek to gather relevant knowledge from these sectors, that can complement both new and existing knowledge in the wind industry.

The workshop is divided into two different but coherent parts where it will be possible to participate in both the morning and afternoon session, or just one of them.

Program (morning session):  Surface treatment of steel objects: Metallization and paint


Welcome and introduction to the morning program
Lars Nøhr-Nielsen, FORCE Technology, and Anja Pedersen, Danish Wind Industry Association


New industry standard for surface treatment of wind turbine towers
Sune Daaskov Egelund, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


The potential of using fusion bonded epoxy 
Sune Daaskov Egelund, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


Composition and anti-corrosion properties of protective coating systems 
Andreas Lundtang Paulsen, FORCE Technology

Coffee break

Hydrophobic coatings for oil and gas
Clara Pérez Hornero, Hempel A/S

Discussion and summing up
12.00 Lunch                                                                                                  



Program (afternoon session):  Weld treatment of steel objects


Welcome and introduction to the afternoon program
Lars Nøhr-Nielsen, FORCE Technology, and Anja Pedersen, Danish Wind Industry Association


Weld processing of monopiles and towers contains a huge potential
Christian Højerslev, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


Stress removal and processing of steel objects
Christian Hastrup Merrild
Coffee break

Post Weld Treatment: HFMI and its benefits and limitations
Mikkel Larsen, Rambøll

Welds in the oil and gas sector, e.g. steel quality, welding standards, narrow gap welds, methods to improve the weld bead,
back welds in Y-joints, backing welds in Y-joints, mechanical properties e.g. CTOD.

Jørgen Vestergård, Rambøll

Discussion and summing up
16.00 Thank you for coming!





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