Show me your game changer

Show me your game changer: New innovative solutions for the wind industry
WIND ENERGY DENMARK invites startups, SMEs and researchers to pitch new/tomorrows innovative solutions for experts within the wind industry. This session is a unique opportunity to get the experts’ view on your idea and its potential, challenges, applications and technology readiness.
Ideas, projects or products are evaluated and selected for “elevator pitch”. An elevator pitch is a short, pre-prepared speech that explains what the new innovative solution does, clearly and succinctly. After each pitch the audience and the experts will ask questions, and the experts from the wind industry will evaluate the idea. At the end of the session, the experts will reflect on the all of the presented solutions.

Please send your idea, project or product to no later than September 20th. It has to clarify what challenge is being solved, what the solution is as well as the potential for implementation. The chosen projects will be contacted no later than September 20th.
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