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Members of DWIA and/or DFFV

2-day conference pass DKK 1,975.00 DKK 2,468.75
1-day conference pass DKK 1,375.00 DKK 1,718.75
Member group discounts    
2-day conference pass, group 5-9 persons (save 15%)           DKK 1,678.00 DKK 2,097.50
2-day conference pass, group 10+ persons (save 20%)           DKK 1,580.00 DKK 1,975.00
See list of DWIA members    
See list of DFFV members    

2-day conference pass DKK 3,175.00 DKK 3,968.75
1-day conference pass DKK 2,575.00 DKK 3,218.75

2-day conference pass DKK 1,600.00 DKK 2,000.00
1-day conference pass DKK 1,200.00 DKK 1,500.00

Students (PhD students not applied)    
2-day conference pass DKK 1,200.00 DKK 1,500.00
1-day conference pass DKK 600.00 DKK 750.00

Dinner ticket (all categories)    
Networking dinner, 30 October DKK 500.00 DKK 625.00

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