• SystemWeaver

    Today, your development process most likely creates a number of disparate information sets describing analysis, design, architecture and so on. SystemWeaver enables the possibility to integrate the information sets into one single repository for all the steps: requirements, architecture design, component design, test, reuse, ISO 26262, etc. One single source of information – correct, consistent and complete, in one tool, well suited for modern agile processes and continuous integration. SystemWeaver is a completely adaptive multi-user, multi-site, and product development software with a strong foundation in the automotive industry, which enables instant collaboration and sharing of mission critical information in complex development processes. SystemWeaver gives you a platform which is easily integrated with other applications, where changes and updates are instant and configurations can be reused. On top of it all, it’s scalable – a platform that evolves with your and your customers’ needs. Complex doesn’t have to be complicated.

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