• Percepio

    C03:34, Stand nr; 69


    Percepio offers Visual Trace Diagnostics and Systematic Runtime Monitoring, two novel capabilities for embedded software developers. This way, we help developers improve software quality, product performance, development productivity and time-to-market. Percepio Tracealyzer is the premier solution for visual trace diagnostics, giving embedded software developers amazing insight into their runtime systems. This allows for easier debugging of system-level issues, finding software design flaws and for measuring software timing and resource usage. Ensure your code is reliable, efficient and responsive. If not, learn why. Percepio DevAlert is a ground-breaking solution for embedded system developers, providing instant awareness of software issues during system testing and in deployed operation, combined with visual trace diagnostics for rapid resolution. This creates a feedback loop from the devices back to the developers, allowing for rapid continuous improvement and great products that beats the competition.

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