June 12 2020


Weg beim Jäger 150, 22335 Hamburg, Germany

Transport & Logistics Management 12 June 2020 in Hamburg, Germany

This module is tailored to Aviation industry professionals and MROs responsible for logistics.

Missing parts, facing late out-of hangar situations or routine replenishment: daily operations lead to different levels of urgency and order priorities with different supply chain requirements. Therefore
transport and logistics have a major impact on the supply chain and especially on on-time availability of parts in the spares aviation industry.
During this course we focus on typical transport and logistics interfaces, main players, processes and legal aspects to better understand the business and untangle the complexity.

- Highlight the specific role and scope of a logistics service provider
- Enhance awareness of legal aspects in transport logistics
- Investigate potential solutions to better support the supply chain

- Comprehensive understanding of the complexity of transport and logistics
- A clear basis to find the right solutions to manage your supply chain more efficiently
- Balanced high service level requirements versus cost control

In addition we offer an optional visit to the Final Assembly line to make your stay in Hamburg as enriching as possible.

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