Conference security
  • Security personnel will be present in the venue during the entire conference. 
  • Access to the conference only possible with a valid registration.
  • Participants must at any time ware registration sign/name tag visible.
  • Proof of registration and identity must be shown upon request by security personnel.
  • If you are not able to show a valid proof of registration security will escort you out of the venue.
  • I case of a security incident the building can be temporary locked down. Follow instructions from Esbjerg Preforming Arts Centre (EPAC).
  • If a person causes disturbance at the venue or to other participants, this person will be escorted out of the building.

Overview of COVID-19
  • It is at any time the participants own responsibility to make sure that the individual complies with the present health requirements stated underneath and in Denmark in general.
  • The conference will at any time be compliant with all COVID-19 recommendations from Sundhedsstyrelsen stated at

COVID-19 check of all participants
  • The conference can only be accessed with a valid corona pass (vaccination, proof of a prevoius positive result or valid negative corona test)
  • All participants will have their corona pass checked before entering the venue by official representatives from EPAC.
  • We recommend that you print or screenshot your coronapass prior to your entry. This will ensure that technical difficulties won't jeopardize your entry to the venue. 

  • Various rules apply to travels to Denmark depending on how you arrive to Denmark and your ties with or your purpose of entering Denmark. Many of the rules also apply for those returning home from a trip. All participants arriving from outside Denmark must comply with restrictions stated at
  • If a letter of invitation is requested for your participation in the conference such one can be requested following full registration to the conference. Please contact the secretariat at

Food and beverage
  • Food will be served as single served dishes during the conference.
  • Beverage will be served in bottles or single used glasses.

General precautions to reduce exposure
  • The total number of participants has been limited to 300.
  • The exhibition area has been extended.
  • The number of participants at each table has been limited to 6.
  • The conference length has been limited to 7 ½ hours.
  • Extraordinary cleaning will be conducted during the conference on all areas
  • Ventilation during the conference and breaks has been increased
If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you must stay at home! As the conference will be transmitted live on the internet online access can be granted upon request by showing proof of full registration. Please contact
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