• MSD symposium

    Neuromuscular blockade and monitoring –which difference does it make?

    Through the last 20-30 years there have been a huge improvement in the anesthesiological and surgical care of patients undergoing cancer surgery. Within the last couple of years, there is more and more attention on the importance of providing the optimal “low-stress environment” during surgery. This includes optimal anesthetic care and minimal invasive surgery.

    Given the increase in number of patients with advanced age and comorbidities, it is more important than ever to have the best care for the patient in high risk of postoperative complications. Especially in patients undergoing surgery for cancer it is of instrumental value that they do not experience complications in the postoperative period. Prevention of postoperative complication will result in better long-term functional and oncological outcomes.

    It is our pleasure this year to invite you to Zealand Surgical Forum 2019 where we will have a focus on the integrated treatment of patients with colorectal cancer including a lunch symposium with focus on the best anesthetic care during surgery for colorectal cancer.

    Dr. William Fawcett
    Guildford, UK