• Lone Viste

    Klinisk spesialist i psykiatrisk sykepleie

    Norwegian clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing with master in relational treatment.
    Worked in the mental health field since 1997.
    Present: TMA-consultant,(Therapeutic Management of Aggression) - instructor and lecturer.
    Part of the MAP-project (Management of Aggression problems), a  new Norwegian staff training program for the prevention and management of aggression and violence issues.
    The purpose of the project has been to prepare a standardized, evidence-based and quality-assured training of employees related to this problem. MAP has been a collaborative project between the SIFER network, the three regional high security forensic units, Helse Stavanger and Helse Fonna.

    • G: MAP: Kan helsepersonell være en kilde til aggresjon? Om å se seg selv i speilet
      14:00 - 15:15