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  • Unnur Anna Valdimarsdóttir

    Professor of Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, Head, Center of Public Health Sciences, University of Iceland

    Professor of epidemiology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland, and guest/adjunct professor at the Department of Medical epidemiology Karolinska Institutet and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. Unnur has made important contributions to the field on how various indices of psychological stress affect health and major disease development.

    Personal Statement: The overarching aim of my research program is to understand if and how emotional stress affects health or disease development, particularly cancer. I lead a graduate program in public health sciences at the University of Iceland, Faculty of Medicine, and a research group of several doctoral students and post docs; together with an extended network of collaborators from Sweden and the US we typically utilize the unique nation-wide heath registries of the Nordic countries with large prospective cohorts (with detailed exposure information and biomarkers) to address these hypotheses with epidemiological methods.

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    • 10:40 - 06-11-2019 In the lecture I will focus on Nordic studies on major health outcomes after both mass- and individual level adversities, such as natural disasters, war migration, receiving a cancer diagnosis and violence.  The variation in human response to trauma will be adressed and the role of stress-related psychiatric disorders (e.g. PTSD) in the development of somatic disease will be highlighted.  Lastly, the need for screening and intervening in these sensitive populations will be discussed.

      Møteledere: Geir Sverre Braut, faglig leder; Elin Skogen, organisatorisk leder.
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