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  • GRAMM Barriers

    GRAMM Barrier Systems are the UK’S leading specialists in acoustic Barriers. Established for over 25 years specialising in the design, supply and installation of acoustic barriers; supporting developer companies with solutions that have a variety of benefits to suit their requirements and regulations.

    Barriers manufactured from traditional materials like timber to more innovative material like steel, recycled plastic and living barriers offering many benefits such as greater biodiversity and longer whole life costs. All under the Gramm brand name of SoundBlok systems.

    GRAMM also support’s your planning application process with local authorities providing system solutions where typical barriers would hold up the development due to their lower specification or not being fit for purpose.

    GRAMM can supply a full noise report and acoustic barrier design to help ease with this planning process.

    And finally offering a full installation service which comes with a 30-year warranty backed by the government.

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