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  • Stephen Croney

    Customer Success Manager, Esri UK

    Stephen Croney leads on Planning, Land and Property for Government at Esri UK, working with many of the UK’s Central Governments departments.  Prior to working at Esri, Stephen worked at a number of London Boroughs as a Geospatial systems and Data lead, including the management of the Local Land and Property Gazetteer, gaining a great deal of insight into the value that GIS and geospatial data add, in providing understanding and evidence to support policy and decision making.

    Stephen is a passionate evangelist of the value of a geographic approach to planning, land and property.  At a time when we face a housing shortage and competing demands for development and sustainability, new approaches are needed.   Stephen’s vision is that Geospatial will play a central role in building communities, reducing inefficiencies, delivering affordable homes in the right places, avoiding homelessness and promoting civic pride.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 14:00 - 14:30 Geo Designing the future
      The challenges facing the housing market in the UK are well documented.  With generations being priced out of owning a home and soaring private rents, we have reached a point where without embracing new approaches to planning we risk a continued growth in the deficit of new homes and further generations missing out on the life benefits that come with home ownership.
      The ongoing Pandemic has further intensified these challenges and a changing vision of what homes and communities need to be is emerging, as we shift to home working and less commuting.  We need to be able to better understand both the opportunities and impacts on this changing future.  We will be asking questions that are inherently spatial in nature.  Where is the demand for new homes? Where do we need affordable housing? What infrastructure is needed? What is the demographics of the area?  Geospatial data and analysis through GIS is key to helping us answer these questions and build homes in areas that people want to live.
      This presentation will explore the role Geospatial can play in modernising the planning process, from development of housing policy, sharing information with stakeholders, reducing the  burden on planners, empowering citizens to engage with what is happening in their communities, and transforming the way new housing is delivered.
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