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  • Steve Barnes

    Business Development Manager, GRAMM Barrier Systems Limited

    Steve Barnes is the Business Development Manager for GRAMM Barrier Systems. GRAMM are UK leading acoustic barrier specialist in UK. GRAMM designs, supplies and installs barriers all across Europe. Steve has been supporting consultancies and companies in finding the right solutions to aid their development projects which have issues with noise and planning.

    GRAMM has acoustic barrier solutions which not only help housebuilders and developers with reaching their required noise mitigation performance but also solutions which can gain commercial and environmental benefits.

    Educating companies of solutions which can help with traffic noise, biodiversity and also living barriers which can replace land grabbing earth bunds opening up land deemed unattractive commercially.

    Steve is happy to offer invaluable knowledge into the legal requirements for developments next to road which now require CE Marking and systems which can help with Section 278 liabilities.

    Offering true collaboration between the Local Authority and Developer.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 14:30 - 15:15 Building Standards - Panel Discussion
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