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  • NatureSpace Partnership

    NatureSpace Partnership has designed a great crested newt District Licensing Scheme with participating Local Planning Authorities and the leading freshwater and amphibian NGOs in the UK. This voluntary scheme (approved by Natural England) gives developers the opportunity to access an alternative licensing option all year round and without the added requirement of newt survey information. Developers can choose to use the District Licensing option to speed up their development delivery, ensure legal certainty when it comes to great crested newts and futureproof mitigation costs. The scheme provides a robust, landscape-scale compensation strategy that provides demonstrable net gain and long-term protection for great crested newt conservation that is delivered through our not-for-profit conservation partner, the Newt Conservation Partnership. These compensatory habitats are created in optimum locations for newts, away from the pressures of development. Our partners create, manage and monitor these aquatic and terrestrial habitats long-term, ensuring a sustainable future for newts.

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