• Adam Brandt

    Associate Professor of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University

    Dr. Brandt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University.  His research focuses on reducing the greenhouse gas impacts of energy production and consumption. Primary research interests include life cycle assessment of petroleum production and natural gas extraction, with a particular interest in unconventional fossil fuel resources such as oil sands, oil shale and hydraulically fractured oil and gas resources. He also researches computational optimization of low emissions technologies, such as carbon dioxide capture, solar thermal, and solar photovoltaic output prediction.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 14:20 - 14:40 Carbon foot print of oil production
      Denmark’s production of crude oil is the world’s greenest due to Danish crude oil being of a high quality and a co-production of natural gas. However, crude oil and natural gas still emit CO2 in the production and consumption processes. Adam Brandt from Stanford University will in his keynote address share the study on why Denmark have been rated as one of the most climate friendly places to produce oil in the world.
      14:40 - 15:00 Talk: Oil and gas production and the green transition
      Widely recognized projections from many sources show that oil and gas will be in strong demand in the EU and the world for the coming decades. How can this demand be satisfied in the future, and how will the ongoing energy transition change the European demand for oil and gas? Could the way that oil is produced in Denmark be transferred to other parts of the world and what should governments do in order to meet the need for a net zero emissions? This also raises the question of if oil and gas can be a part of the energy mix at the same time?
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