• Nynne Bjerre Christensen


    Nynne Bjerre Christensen is a former host of the late-night TV news show "Deadline" on Danmarks Radio´s DR2 channel. She is currently an author and a freelancer.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 13:05 - 13:30 A new political reality
      The political situation has changed radically over the past year. A new government has taken over office and the climate agenda has become the determining factor in almost all political conversations. Business editors from Berlingske and managing editor from Politiken will in this talk share views on the new political reality in Denmark and what shall be expected for the years to come.  
      14:40 - 15:00 Talk: Oil and gas production and the green transition
      Widely recognized projections from many sources show that oil and gas will be in strong demand in the EU and the world for the coming decades. How can this demand be satisfied in the future, and how will the ongoing energy transition change the European demand for oil and gas? Could the way that oil is produced in Denmark be transferred to other parts of the world and what should governments do in order to meet the need for a net zero emissions? This also raises the question of if oil and gas can be a part of the energy mix at the same time?
      15:45 - 16:15 Debate: Energy to Europe and the green transition
      The EU’s demand for natural gas is rising, but its domestic production is declining. Is it possible to combine these two differing trends, and what role shall natural gas play in the future European energy supply? In this discussion, we will hear from stakeholders from gas transmission system on the value of establishing further gas infrastructure, representatives from Poland on how gas contribute to their green transition and how continental European gas companies are taking part in the green transition by supporting a coal to gas substitution.
      16:15 - 16:45 Debate: The green transition and our shared responsibility – Part I
      In order to reach the Paris Agreement’s ambition of reducing the rise in the global average temperature to 1.5 degrees, the energy system must be changed significantly. However, all leading projections show that oil and, especially, gas will still be important parts of the European energy transition. The politicians from the Danish parliament will discuss what role the production of oil and gas from the Danish part of the North sea could have in the energy transition.
      16:45 - 17:10 Debate: The green transition and our shared responsibility – Part II
      In 2018, the Danish oil sector contributed over 8 billion DKK to the Danish treasury in taxes. Therefore, the Danish recovery of oil and gas from the North Sea is very beneficial for the Danish state. However, how does the industry see the future for oil and gas recovery in Denmark, and do the industry and politicians have a common understanding of the way forward? This will be discussed by a panel of leading politicians and industry leaders.
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