• Bo Fyhring Sørensen

    Foga Aps, Foga Consult ApS

    Foga ApS Foga Consult ApS FOGA’s aim is to supply clients with the optimal solution for Survey, Guard & Chase vessels. In addition to this Foga offer the assistance of experienced fishing skippers as marine advisors, Fisheries Liaison Officers, to the offshore industry and to encourage increased communication and cooperation between the fishery and offshore industries. Marine Mammal Observers, MMO, & Passive acoustic monitor, PAM operators are offered in experienced teams, enabling the survey operator to rely on a strong and dedicated team. Foga work to supply clients with the right tools for the work. This through a one-door shop, enabling the clients to receive the total package via the cooperation with Foga. Foga will work on gathering project specific competences to offer the client a versatile and operational minded team for the projects at hand. • Survey vessels, (Environmental). • Guard Vessels, (Safety). • Chase Vessels, (Safety). • FogaInfo, Information service to the fishery sector on offshore activities (Safety), • Fisheries Liaison Officers, (Safety). • Marine Mammal Observers, (Environment). • Consultancy on offshore constructions impact on fishery matters, (Optimization, Social Responsibility). • Ad Hoc services, ROV’s, Divers, logistics etc. (Easy access to services).

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