• Märtha Rehnberg

    Partner, DareDisrupt and Co-founder of BLOC

    MÄRTHA REHNBERG is a technology optimist and critical thinker. With technology she believes we can solve the big issues of our time, but widespread technological intuition is needed to unlock the promise and safeguard against the peril of wrongful technology adoption.
      Märtha is a trained political economist, published expert on 3D printing and intrapreneur. She has held talks internationally on technological intuition and moderated global events on 3D printing and Digital Production.
      She has been selected as a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ by the St Gallen Symposium for three consecutive years, and profiled as a ‘FemTech Leader’ by Innotribe, the Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group and the Digital Finance Institute. Märtha holds a double degree from Copenhagen Business School and Esade.
      You are in the midst of grasping the technology that is disrupting your organization. Most likely, you are investing in a portfolio of technologies to hedge against an exponential, digital and deceptive future. You are “Facing the Future”, stepping outside of the Matrix, and this makes you sleep at night. Are you now prepared for the reality you wake up to?
      For many decades we have understood disruption from technology, and feared the changes disruption requires of us. For only a couple of years however, have we understood that disruptions today, happen faster and faster, and from places we never even knew existed. New tools, new players, and an open invitation to the space beyond the Matrix. So what are we all disrupting for?
      Märtha Rehnberg provides a young professional’s take on the technological reality we are creating. One in which the technological utopia frees us from laborious tasks that hamper creativity, encourages our mindfulness and focus to discuss and solve big issues. But also, one in which the technological dystopia deceits us into uncritical adoption and adaption, invades our understandings of ethics and privacy, and locks us to our couches streaming Netflix.
      In her talks, Märtha Rehnberg talks about ‘Technological Intuition’ as the new and ubiquitous skill needed to navigate key digital technologies related to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. To this end, she also dives into industries that are in digital transformation to highlight some of the promises and perils that precisely depend on our ability to apply Technological Intuition.

    • 9:45 - 15-05-2018 Märtha Rehnberg, Partner DareDisrupt and Co-founder BLOC