• Nick Laird

    CEO, Anvil

    • 09:20:00 - 11-03-2021 After many years of strong performance, and in the midst of a pandemic, large pools of international capital are currently seeking to back strategies and teams to create new property companies in the Nordics. Learn why building “platforms” is currently popular, how it is done, and what areas are particularly interesting in the current environment.
      Samtale (på engelsk) - ledes av Nick Laird
      09:50:00 - 11-03-2021 Despite Covid-19, asset values are up across the globe. Real estate remains an extremely popular asset class, with new multi-billion dollar funds being raised with record speed. Learn why the asset class remains popular, what the outlook is for 2021, and what asset types are most compelling heading (hopefully) into a post-Covid world.
      Samtale (på engelsk) - ledet av Nick Laird
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