November 3 2016

Navitas, University of Aarhus

Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus

Thank you to the attendees, speakers, exhibitors and partners for making the Industry 4.0 conference at NAVITAS a great success.
This site will be maintained to secure access to the speaker presentations, information on Industry 4.0 in general as well as market-specific insights from the innovation centres.

Innovation Centre Denmark


Position yourself and your company in the digital era of industrial change!

On November 3rd, Innovation Centre Denmark and Invest in Denmark organise this conference to update yourself and your company on Industry 4.0 with 4 themes!
Theme 1: AUTOMATION & SMART MANUFACTURING (Collaborative Robots)
Theme 4: GLOBAL TRENDS (Disruption, Digital Design and Innovation)

Moderator: Journalist, Steffen Kretz
A day of interactive workshops with leading Danish I40 organisations and stakeholders & keynotes from Germany, US and China will update you on innovation, business models, skills and international network. Our experts and international staff will be available for 1-1 meetings.

What is I40?
Traditional manufacturing is in the midst of its biggest shift since the industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is sweeping across industries, changing everything from production, business models, customer relations, research projects and regional and national innovation strategies. The driving force behind this development is the rapidly increasing levels digitization of the economy and society and a growing concern with user-driven innovation and customer centricity.
Why attend this conference?
Denmark has the skills and knowledge to be an internationally recognized provider of innovative Industry 4.0 solutions and smart services. Danish industries, small and medium sized companies and research and knowledge institutions are leading in the areas of digitalisation, Internet of Things and smart innovations and design; all of which are critical key components of the current industrial transformation.
At the same time, many companies are hesitant as how to innovate, where to invest and which partnerships to create in order to maximise the possibilities from Industry 4.0.

The Industry 4.0 conference puts the spotlight on Danish competencies whilst presenting global trends and international lessons learned in Industry 4.0.
We will take industry executives, business leaders, technology and innovation experts, entrepreneurs, policy agents through an inspiring and hands-on program to prepare them for the possibilities of the Industry 4.0 transformation.
Book an Expert
Alongside the main program of the Industry 4.0 Conference you have the opportunity to book meetings with representatives from the seven Innovation Centres, to help you realize and explore your growth potential. Representatives from the following markets will be present: New Delhi / Bangalore, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Munich & Tel Aviv

Please go to Exhibitors -> Innovation Centre Denmark (Book an Expert) for an overview of available experts (click on each for bio). To book, use the booking module in the Eventbuizz-app:

Organised jointly by Innovation Centre Denmark (a cooperation between the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Science and Higher Education) and Invest in Denmark.

AU Engineering, MADE, Central Region Denmark, The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) and Danish Design Center

9:30 - 10:00
Registration & Breakfast
10:00 - 11:20
Plenary Session 1 - Industry 4.0 and International Possibilities
Conference Moderator
Steffen Kretz

Official Welcome
Dean, Niels Christian Nielsen, Aarhus University

Opening of conference - Vision for Industry 4.0
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen
Minister for Higher Education and Science, Ulla Tørnæs

Key Note - Global Trends (Germany)
Corporate Innovation Manager, Dominik Bösl, KUKA Industrial Robots

Key Note - Global Trends (South Korea)
Co-Founder & Director, Seokhee Han, Korean Industry 4.0 Assocation

Key Note - Global Trends (USA)
Chairman & CEO of Cloudmade and Chairman of Cogniance, Juha Christensen
11:20 - 11:40
Coffee Break
11:40 - 12:30
Plenary Session 2 - How to position Danish strengths in the global market

Keynote - Danish Strongholds and International Opportunities
CEO, Peter Michael Poulsen, Atos IT Solutions and Services 

Keynote - Danish Strongholds and International Opportunities
SVP Global Marketing, Jesper Daugaard, Kamstrup

Summary Panel Debate
The five keynote speakers address drivers and opportunities for:
Automation & Smart manufacturing
Organizing Digital Production
Digital Design and innovations
Internet of Things & Connectivity
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
Track 2 - Why Production in Denmark? - Design, Quality and Flexibility

Hosted by Danish Design Centre and Invest in Denmark

The break-out session will be organised as a panel-debate with stakeholders from three international companies, discussing how to apply new business models and design methods without losing unique value proposition. The session will debate both the opportunities and challenges of having production in Denmark and explore new uncharted opportunities.

Technology Interaction Designer, Vanessa Carpenter, Idemolab (Chair)
Plant Director, Mogens Auchenberg, Schneider Electric
Head of R&D, Ingeborg Rosenvinge, Thürmer Tools
Partner, Rasmus Blom, Implement Consulting Group
Country Manager, Per Pilegaard, Omron

13:30 - 15:00
Track 3 - R&D and Innovation

Hosted by AU Engineering, Aarhus University

The break-out session will debate critical R&I areas within Digitization Technologies of Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and showcase ground-breaking Danish R&D projects.

Head of Department, Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard, Aarhus University (Chair)
Professor, Petar Popovski, Aalborg University - Internet of Things
Professor, Peter Gorm Larsen, Aarhus University - Cyber-Physical Systems
Professor, Jan Larsen, Danish Technical University - Machine Learning

13:30 - 15:00
Track 4 - Global trends and opportunities seen from the Innovation Centres

Hosted by Innovation Centre Denmark

Internationally renowned speakers with a deep understanding of innovations on some of the biggest Industry 4.0 markets – India and China - will present trends, technologies and opportunities. In addition, representatives from the seven ICDK markets will outline business challenges and possibilities in their regions and how they can assist Danish companies.

Executive Director, Helle Meinertz, Innovation Centre Denmark - Munich
Chief Executive Officer, Kaiesh Vohra, Lucep
Principal Consultant and General Manager of Training and Consulting, Dr. Dennis Hong

13:30 - 15:00
Track 1 - Automation & Smart Manufacturing

Hosted by MADE - Manufacturing Academy of Denmark, cases from industry (Including Technicon, Grundfos and Danfoss)

Be inspired by the Danish approach to Industry 4.0.

See demonstrations of the latest production technology such as augmented and virtual reality, collaborative robotics and Internet of Things, along with real cases from Danish companies working with 3D printing and Big Data.
Learn how Danish industry and research institutes are working together in MADE to enable world class manufacturing in Denmark through applied research, innovation and education.

Managing Director, Nigel Edmondson, Manufacturing Academy of Denmark
Professor, Kaj Grønbæk, Aarhus University
CEO, Casper Hansen, Technicon

15:00 - 15:20
Coffee Break
15:20 - 16:20
High-level Plenary - Next Steps
Welcome back
Steffen Kretz

Key Note - From Brazil to Denmark: New perspectives on Industry 4.0 possibilities
Chief Marketing Officer, Jesper Rhode Andersen, Ericsson Latin America

Panel Discussion - How can Denmark benefit from Industry 4.0? 
A vision on how to realise Industry 4.0 innovations and overcome challenges

Managing Director, Nigel Edmondson, MADE

President, Anders Bjarklev, Technical University of Denmark
Director Production, Anne-Lise Høg Lejre, Danish Technological Institute
Chief Marketing Officer, Jesper Rhode Andersen, Ericsson Latin America
16:20 - 17:00
Face the Future & Closing of Industry 4.0 Conference
"Face the Future"
Exponential Technologies and Disruptive Innovation - what to do next?
Jannick B. Pedersen, DARE DISRUPT 

Close of Conference
Steffen Kretz
17:00 - 18:00
Networking with a twist of Industry 4.0
Registration date has been ended, please contact event organizer.

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