Welcome to Sønderborg - easy to get to, easy to love

Discover a city in beautiful natural surroundings with a vibrant cultural life

The main city Sønderborg (27,000 inhabitants) is situated on the Island of Als as well as on the mainland with a beautiful coastline and two bridges connecting both sides of the sound called Alssund.
Sønderborg has all the characteristics of a big city. For instance, some of Denmark’s biggest multinational corporations are headquartered here. The university campus is the most international in Denmark with students from more than 50 countries. Sønderborg also features as many cultural experiences and events as there are days of the year, and languages from all over the world are spoken in the city’s many restaurants and cafés.

Distances are short and you get around easily and effortlessly – often on foot or by bike.
The location of the 5th EPUAP Focus Meeting is directly by the water. It presents the best possible setting for reflection, tranquillity and contemplation.

Sønderborg has a long history, proudly integrated in our identity with long traditions and historical sites such as 4 beautiful castles. It is a city in natural surroundings with a strong, cultural heritage dating back to the 1200s.



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