• Jørgen Hartig

    Strategic Advisor and Partner, SecuriOT

    SecuriOT – Your Partner in ICS-security
    SecuriOT is a company focusing on being the "trusted Advisor"​ and delivering solutions and service to secure production systems (SCADA/ICS), so you can balance the risks and benefits of utilizing Industry 4.0 and IIot functionalities.
    Our approach starts at production and supply environments (OT). It is essential to ensure, that the companies can deliver goods and services to their customers and also having the right security level at the same time.
    We do consulting work within Security Standards (IEC62443, NIST CSF, ISO2700x) and the NIS Directive to guide you in the continuous work with security. We deliver detective technologies from FireEye, Nozomi Networks and our own SecuriOT Honeypot solution.

    • Securing smart energy technology
      10:00 - 11:10 Conference Room in MesseC