• Michael Lentge Andersen

    Partner, Derant

    Mobile network attacks are common - and a threat to your data and IoT setup?
    Smart city networks and regular office communication often depend on 2G, 3G, 4G - and soon 5G networks. But compromising these networks are easy and happens regularly.

    Derant has monitored and analysed the mobile networks in Copenhagen and the findings are striking: Several times per month, there are signs that the networks are compromised via fake base stations. And it is scaringly simple and inexpensive to build an IMSI-catcher to perform these man-in-the-middle attacks.The attacks can be used to intercept, spy on and spoof data to and from IoT devices and standard office communication.
    Derant will share the findings of the analysis and give some advice on how to detect when somebody is spying on your mobile network traffic, to keep safe your normal communication and your IoT data.

    • Securing smart telecommunications technology
      13:30 - 14:50 Conference Room in MesseC