• Klaus Munch Kjøller


    Klaus Munch Kjøller is Director at PwC with a sales and defence consulting focus in the Northern Europe business area. At PwC, we are, among other things, defence, security and technology consultants, with one of the largest defence consultants departments around the world.
    As a director, Klaus is actively helping governments and international alliances around the world understand and respond to increasingly complex and unpredictable defence challenges. Governments and alliances, at all levels (international, national, state and local), operate in an environment characterised by increasing economic migration, changing demographics, diminishing natural resources, rising security concerns, financial pressure, and a more demanding electorate.
    The mandate to transform from traditional defence capabilities has never been stronger. PwC is well equipped to facilitate and support this change amongst organisations and defence providers.
    Klaus’s focus is on defence offerings such as helping defence organisations to become more agile - flexible, accountable, and able to respond rapidly. He has strong relationships with defence leaders at the local level while also bringing knowledge of the global security environment and the complexities and dependencies therein.
    Klaus has been in management positions in international companies dealing with education, consulting, human resources, healthcare and defence, and being responsible for all aspects of management disciplines.
    Prior to joining PwC, Klaus served in a variety of increasingly responsible positions in various companies and organisations in Europe and Northern America, where he gained experience in education, publishing and defence as well as management and corporate finance.
    Ranked Lieutenant Colonel, Klaus is still an active officer in the reserve forces with experience from several multinational headquarters, including the high-readiness Multinational Corps Northeast in Stettin Poland and Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in the UK. His current position is in the Multinational Division North in Latvia.