• Mogens Dam


    We offer solutions for mitigation against the effects of different types of attacks and protect people and values from the sidewalk into the office desk.

    • Blast;
    • Ballistic;
    • Forced Entry
    • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)

    Our approach is holistic we design, supplies and install solution

    • Perimeter around a building: Bollards, fence, road blockers, gates, guard houses, blast perimeter walls
    • Shell of the building: Doors, windows, wall protection solutions, curtain walls
    •  Cell inside a building: one room, safe room, server room or other rooms where people or values need to be protected
    We have the capacity and wide experience in all phases of a projec: From the first
    assessments to the design, manufacturing and delivery of the solution onsite. We can
    either install the solution with our own team or support the clients’ own installing teams all over the world.