• Mercado Medic AB

    Mercado Medic AB is since more than 50 years, a well renowned supplier of different types of customizable medical mobility products, as REAL independent activity work chairs and REAL powered wheelchairs for indoor use. Since day one, Mercado Medic have strived to assist people of all ages with functional disabilities to be more independent at home, in the workplace or in school. We also sell a wide blend of modular medical patient chairs to clinics for various examinations. We produce all our products in house, in Sweden. Our latest invention is an electric powered assistive system for horizontal movement named “Propeller”, this as an accessory on our work-chair 9000 PLUS-series for adults. We are for the first time exhibiting our products in Denmark, so you are very welcome to visit us in our stand C03:035.
    In Denmark we work in cooperation with Sunrise Medical ApS.

    VIDEO: Propeller-system

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