• RotoBed®

    RotoBed® produces and distributes the unique rotating care beds RotoBed®Free and RotoBed®Change.
    Our goal is to help people with pain/disabilities to achieve mobility, dignity and a higher quality of life.
    With a RotoBed®, people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed, are now able to do so with no physical effort. Just by a single touch of a remote control, the bed is elevated to chair position and rotated towards the room. The whole process takes less than a minute and facilitates both exit and transition to a wheelchair or a walker. 
    A RotoBed® enhances the user's level of mobility and quality of life and also reduces workloads for staff and relatives.
    We believe in healing design - that good design also contributes to a higher quality of life. Danish furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen is behind the harmonious appearance of the RotoBed®, and our beds have won numerous design awards.


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