• HabiWe ApS

    “We are passionate about developing furniture that will ensure the increased well-being of our users.” The Habicave’s quiet room helps create security, energy and readiness for participation in the day’s events.

    The cave is acoustics-reducing and shielding, whereby the user will experience a reduction in both disturbing noises and visual sensory impressions from surroundings. 

    The HabiCave can be used by anyone who needs a microbreak – children, adolescents and adults, with or without issues with sensory modulation. The cave is developed to create an inclusive space for calmness, comfort, and sensory modulation. Sensory modulation describes the brain’s ability to receive and process information and impressions from the senses through the nervous system. Many people must reduce sensory impressions to gain calmness and focus on an important task. If too many impressions need to be processed, the brain becomes distracted and cannot distinguish these impressions, resulting in disruption. On the other hand, if the impressions that do come are not informative enough, the brain can become slow and passive, which can cause inactivity. A microbreak in the HabiCave helps your brain’s sensory modulation. The HabiCave is designed with a focus on creating a room within the room. An inclusive space that calms the nervous system and gives the user comfort and energy for meaningful activities.  

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