Our Danish based company have with passion developed and produced Frame RUNNERS and Walkers for over 30 years. We have dealers in many European countries and as far away as Australia and Japan.
    Paralympic Champion and occupational therapist Connie Hansen started the company with a commitment to meet the end-users/customers individual needs regardless type and severity of handicap, “I felt anyone had a right to try and run. Regardless participation from recreation to elite sport, we have a broad program and deep knowledge of solutions which will set talents free and allow new goals to be reached. We have kids less than a year old up and ambulate working on strength, balance, coordination and navigation skills”.

    We seek dealers in Germany, Finland as example. Dealers who prioritize customers assessments, participation in Try-Out events, sports and recreational events for people challenged on walking mobility.
    Please visit us at Health & Rehab to meet our staff and get an impression of our wide and versatile program among this see our new aluminum SPEED RUNNER and re-designed X STRONG Frame Runners.


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