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    Welcome to Klimate! We are super excited to see you here.
    At Klimate, we help companies achieve Net Zero with premium carbon removal portfolios.  Carbon removal is an integral part of solving climate change. We are creating a market for carbon removal to accelerate the transition to a carbon-negative future. Our mission is to accelerate carbon removal development to reverse climate change.

    We combine the best carbon removal technologies and maximise our clients' climate impact by analysing carbon removal projects and creating carbon removal portfolios that match companies' budget and ambitions. Our goal is to help responsible companies to stop wasting good money on bad offsets. In concrete terms, we create access and awareness around quality carbon removal solutions. We do this because we want to funnel funds into scaling credible projects that will allow us to reach the Paris Agreements targets. Klimate was founded in 2020 by Katja, Mads Emil and Simon. 

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