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    Omhu is an independent health tech company specialised in dermatology. We focus on the use of telemedicine and artificial intelligence to rethink the path from first skin symptom to recovery -  by building tools to better diagnose, manage, and treat skin conditions.

    Although Omhu was established in 2020, we already had five years of research and development under our belt to take on the challenges within dermatology from a new perspective - by making quality care available directly from the smartphone in your pocket.   

    Our itch

    Omhu was born from the idea that meaningfully accelerating the improvement of skin health demands a new perspective.

    Our remedy

    Combining science and technology, our approach is to create new pathways for people to get the care they need for their skin condition.

    Our prognosis

    We’re striving towards a world where everyone with a skin condition has access to a dermatologist when they need it most.
    Find out more: omhu.com

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    13:10 - 13:40  

    ‘Islands Brygge’ meeting room

    Raluca Jalaboi, Machine Learning Researcher and Industrial PhD student at Omhu

    Trust and explainability: How to build trustworthy AI for dermatology

    We increasingly rely on algorithms to fastrack our lives - from healthcare and banking, to the smartphone in your pocket citing your latest Netflix recommendation.

    If we look at dermatology, convolutional neural networks have the potential to improve diagnostic accuracy. But if we are to trust algorithms to make decisions for us - and our health - we need to understand the reasoning behind a particular diagnosis. 

    Machine Learning Researcher Raluca Jalaboi is working to solve just that. Join us for a talk on the potentials, barriers, and pitfalls in letting AI systems take care of our skin - and how we can build trust into the models. 

    13:50 - 14:20  

    ‘Islands Brygge’ meeting room

    Martin Aastrup Olsen, Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Omhu

    Digital dermatology: Your algorithm is ready to see you

    Skin diseases are among the most common medical conditions. Given its visual nature, dermatology is well-positioned to leverage Machine Learning and imaging technology when diagnosing, managing, and treating skin conditions.

    Find out how Machine Learning models can lend a helping hand in digital dermatology with Lead Machine Learning Engineer Martin Aastrup Olsen.

    14:30 - 15:00  

    ‘Islands Brygge’ meeting room

    Andrei Chiriac, Dermatologist & Senior Medical Advisor at Omhu

    Kevin Pelgrims, Engineering Manager at Omhu

    Digital innovation is ready for healthcare - does healthcare feel the same?

    Health tech is in the fast lane, with promises of transforming unsustainable health systems into more sustainable ones by letting digital solutions do some of the heavy lifting. 

    Despite the great strides in digital innovation, healthcare has been notoriously slow at adopting new technologies compared to other sectors. 

    Join dermatologist Andrei Chiriac and Engineering Manager Kevin Pelgrims in a discussion on the impact of digitisation on the work of doctors, what we can do to address barriers in health tech adoption, and how doctors and developers at Omhu are working side by side to unite healthcare and tech and build meaningful solutions.




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